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Stop and Read this before you buy another Gift Card!

June 13, 2017
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When was the last time you actually made an effort to buy a gift for a friend or a family member?

When was the last time you went back to thinking about their likes and interests, before you bought something for them? Did you again just buy a gift card instead to save some time and effort?

Most likely, you fall under the 93% of consumers who bought gift cards on all major occasions. Simply because:

“You didn’t have the time to think about a gift.”
“You left buying the gift for the end moment.”
“You weren’t sure of what your friend likes.”
“You wanted to be practical and let the person buy his own gift.”
“You agree that you’re simply not a good gifter.”

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Now whether you’d like to hear it or not, the real reason is that you simply wanted an easy way out.

Why should you stop buying Gift Cards?

Here’s why we think you should get back to the basics and take gifting beyond giving gift cards:

1. Let’s face it, you’re trying to pin point to the gift

Gift certificates and cards can be used at the specific brand that you purchased them from – unless the brand has collaborations with mega stores. They seldom give you the option to claim them at another store. So you’re practically asking a person to purchase from one store – almost like pushing them to buy an item they’re probably not even looking for!

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2. They are a mark of defeat

No matter how you want to put it; if you’ve chosen to give a gift card to someone, it’s a mark of defeat. You admit that you couldn’t find something for the person yourself and in worst case scenarios, it shows that you probably don’t even know what they want!

If you ask us, after 5 years of friendship, that’s not something we expect.

3. They are just cards with an expiry date

Gift cards don’t just limit you in terms of the brand you can purchase from, but they also come with a deadline. So when you’re giving a card to someone, you’re practically nudging them to get moving and buy something for themselves – before the card expires.

It’s like creating more stress for the receiver than making it special.

gift cards are an obligation

4. You’re still not sure if it is ‘THE GIFT’

While gift cards are a way of saying, “go shop your heart out”, you can never be sure if it is the ideal gift for someone. Like we mentioned in our first point, what if the brand’s current stock doesn’t interest the person? And then there is always a risk of the person not liking the brand you chose for them!

5. They don’t seem like a gift

How many times have you walked into a store and realised that the gift card you have can’t afford the things you like? You end up adding your own money to it, purchasing the item and then forever mentioning ‘how you just bought yourself a gift’.

To be honest, gift cards can spoil your relations with friends and family. Instead, just ask what they want!

6. Gift cards don’t create memories

So you gifted your friend a card and they bought something for themselves with it, or let it rot in some corner because they thought it was too much of an effort. Either ways, you lost out on an opportunity to create a special memory.

Think about just how surprised your friend looked the last time you gave them a gift card? Nah, you just got a simple ‘thank you’!

good gift or bad gift geenees

So what do you do instead? Be a Geenee!

Stop pushing your friends to spell out what they want on a birthday or an anniversary. Simply know what they have been looking for and surprise them with it.

How is that even possible?

Geenees lets you create wishlists for every special occasion of yours. Be it a birthday, anniversary, a wedding or any other event, simply save what you love on Amazon to a list.

Invite your friends and family to Geenees, encourage them to create their own wish lists.

how geenees works

Now that each one of you can see what the other is wishing for, doesn’t it become 100X simpler to surprise them with a gift they have been looking for?

Yes, it’s time to get back to the basics and make gifting special!

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