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This Father’s Day, Laugh it out with your Superhero!

June 15, 2017
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With Father’s Day right around the corner, everyone is sharing gift ideas. But we at Geenees, took a step back to decided to dive right into some of the most hilarious and heroic dad stories we found on the internet.

After all, on Father’s day, you gotta’ bend it like Daddykins!

Improving your sense of humour

Spent days cracking jokes at the dinner table, crediting your sense of humour? Well, it’s time to learn from your dad. We mean, learning the perfect timing for cracking the perfect joke. Pretty sure, this dad here ‘owned’ the day!

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Or this dad here, who has clearly had enough of being called every time a moth shows up!

dad moth geenees joke

Learning how to value the old

Who says that dads don’t show emotions? In fact, they teach you how to value the little things and moments in life – just that, you can’t expect the typical things that you receive from moms. But hey, learn how to value the old!

“The family was viewing old slides and one flashed on the screen that caught everyone’s attention. My father, wearing his favourite golf shirt, was holding me at the tender age of three weeks. The look on his face told all. “There’s my prize possession,” my father said. Touched, I smiled at him as he continued, “I wonder whatever happened to that golf shirt?” – Jeanne Graves


Learning the perfect payback

We have all heard stories of how we troubled our fathers when they were driving. Be it blowing into their ears, whispering or dancing at the back of the cars, we have heard so many stories – but nothing’s better than this perfect payback story:

“On the day I received my learner’s permit, my father agreed to take me out for a driving lesson. With a big grin, he hopped in behind the driver’s seat. “Why aren’t you sitting up front on the passenger’s side?” I asked.

“Kirsten, I’ve been waiting for this ever since you were a little girl,” Dad replied. “Now it’s my turn to sit back here and kick the seat.”


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Never failing to learn something new

The messaging lingo has left most of us confused. While most abbreviations leave us stunned and Googling for answers, our dads too had a tough time keeping up with the fads while we were growing up – especially on SMS.

“In a meeting, I make it a point to keep my phone on silent – just in case any one of my friends decide on spamming me with jokes!

During an interview, I confidently kept my phone on the table and sat cross armed next to it. While answering some of the toughest of questions, I noticed my phone constantly lighting up. My interviewer asked me to take a look at it with a smirk on his face, incase it was something important. Well, the following are the messages I was getting from dad:

‘Have you reached?’
‘Is the interviewer stupid?’
‘Do you need me to shoot him down?’
‘Get me’
‘On your way back’

……. And I realised just how many times I have spammed with continuous incomplete messages like these.”

Never forget the junk food treaty

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The one thing that a kid should never forget, is good food. And well, pizzas are always a no-no when it comes to moms. So why not make it a secret treaty between dad and you? This story here was absolutely relatable to us – trust me, my mom doesn’t even find the pizza boxes the next day!

funny dad junk food geenees


Being honest at all times

Honesty is the best policy and that’s the only way we should approach life. Take it from the Deadpool star, who has been tweeting some of the best fatherhood stories on social media. Well, no one wants to put a drawing that does make sense, right?


Always take credit for work

While those who have achieved zen might disagree, taking credit for great work is important sometimes. Even though dads aren’t going to say how they have been working so hard to fulfil our wishes every Christmas, sometimes you can’t blame them for wanting to! Even Adam Scott couldn’t help himself.

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Learning to stay calm headed

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We all have moments when we just simply hit the panic button. No matter how many times we’re asked to calm down, most of us just fail at it and mess up the situation even more! But there just couldn’t be a more level headed dad like this one here:

“My uncle was driving to a hockey game with his two sons when their car hit a low-flying duck. After absorbing the shock of what just happened, Uncle Mike broke the silence with, “Well, there’s a bird that didn’t live up to his name.” —Jason Bulbuk


Well, there’s no matching our dads when it comes to the things they do for us. But we sure can learn a few things from them.

Let’s bend it like daddykins!

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Feature image credits: Daddy Dazed