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5 times Celebrities and World Leaders were the Geenees that the Gay Pride needed!

June 26, 2017
gay pride parade geenees

The gay pride parade is a big thing across the world. With people coming out in the support of same sex marriages, the parades have also seen a massive surprise participation from celebrities and world leaders.

So we decided to dig in a few moments when celebrities and world leaders became the Geenees of the gay pride parade, and surprised the world.

When Ellen hosted the story of ‘a new kind of prom’

Ellen is an all time favourite amongst all age groups. From coming out herself to supporting various causes actively, Ellen has been a Geenee making wishes of many come true. Her show hosts stories and real people who went viral on the internet for something good or interesting they shared and this particular story, was one of a different kind friendship that went the extra mile to make one person feel very special.

When Barack Obama said the White House looked ‘cool’ in rainbow colours

Barack Obama has been an active part of the LGBT rights parade. But what truly surprised everyone was when he turned the White House into rainbow colours to show his support. When confronted by the press, he said it looked much cooler through the gay pride week and also showed his support with a speech that came from the heart.

When Justin Trudeau stepped out in full support

World leaders have been skeptical about being associated with gay pride. While some of them strongly support the cause, there are very few who get down on the roads to join their people in the parade. When Canada’s President joined the gay pride parade last year, you could see surprised faces everywhere – but like the man himself says, it shouldn’t be such a big thing!

When Orange is the New Black were the ultimate Squad Pride

When the entire team of Orange is the New Black celebrated Gay Pride with a little party of their own and made #loveislove trend on Twitter, the fans of the show were happily surprised to see their participation! The number of likes and retweets on that one single post says it all!

When Sir Ian McKellen took to the streets in style

There are hundreds of pictures from when Sir Ian McKellen took to the streets in a swanky car to take part in the gay pride parade. From getting pictures clicked with the LGBT activists to those with his own people, he charmed everyone with his gentlemanly participation and of course, the contagious smile.

These are just a few of our favourite Geenees who are take part in the parade every year to participate in LGBT rights. But there are many others who are coming out in full support on social media, digital forums and even TED talks.

Being Geenees is not easy, but working towards making someone’s wishes come true sure can be. After all, #loveislove !

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