Say Thank You to Teachers with These Special Gift Ideas

June 28, 2017
gift ideas for teachers

Let’s face it, buying gifts is not easy in general. It just becomes worse when you need to gift something to your child’s teacher for helping them grow as they step out of school, and get ready for the next chapter in their lives.

Finding something that depicts the appreciation is a challenge for everyone! You just don’t know what becomes too personal or what becomes a little too casual.

That’s why we at Geenees, decided to show our appreciation to teachers and find the best gift ideas on Amazon.

1. This mug that sums up a teacher

Like we said, you do want to thank your child’s teacher for putting in all the hard work to teach them the right things and grow them into the lovely individuals they are. Of course, this cup is pretty much on-point there!

teachers day cup

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2. This keyring that speaks from the heart

It takes a different kind of calibre and persistence to groom minds, and of course, a big heart! Let the teachers know you appreciate every little thing they did for your child and the endless mistakes they have been overlooking with a smile, with this keyring.

keyring for teachers

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3. This plant set that practically depicts your kid

What’s a better thank you note than letting your teacher know they have helped shape up your future and grow into an independent individual? This cute indoor plant pot basil set will give your teacher someone to nurture again – only this time, someone who doesn’t disagree with her and bunk classes every time!

plant set teachers

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4. This stamp set that makes grading easy

For all those grades – good and bad, teachers always need to find innovative ways to keep young minds motivated. So why not turn it into something fun for them as well with his stamping kit?

stamp set for teachers

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5. This set of tea bags for tea-chers

Like we said, you definitely owe her a good cup of tea (or coffee) for bearing with your child all these years without giving up – except a few times! We think this ‘tea for teacher’ set is absolutely great for anyone who wants to add a hint of pun to their gift.

teabag set for teachers

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6. This absolutely cute and nifty journal

In times when we rely on mobiles to keep a tab on our tasks, teachers always like to stick to the basics. That’s why we think this journal here is a great parting gift; the quote on it of course is the icing on the cake!

journal for teachers

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7. This relaxing set of bath bombs

Now that school’s over, it is time for you to take a break from all the hectic days of studying – but wait, what about your teachers? Yes, it’s time for them to put their feet up for a few days too. Give them a set of relaxing bath bombs that will refresh them before the next batch comes in and they get back to the grind of tirelessly mentoring little minds!

bathbomb gift set

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8. This handy resources chalkboard

No matter how many hand books and charts a teacher has, something that helps her manage resources across different classes, is always a thoughtful present. We personally liked one of these popularly wish listed chalkboards for the colour it adds to the monotonous tasks!

chalkboard for teachers

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9. This terrific story of a lesson learnt

Is the teacher an avid reader? Did you get to hear a lot of stories from your kid? Well, you couldn’t find a better read this one! The cover is sure to assure the teacher that you’re never going to forget anything she has taught your kid all this while. (Creepy!)

the teacher book

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While we don’t know your kid’s teacher as well as you do, these gifts are sure to make the day a little more special than what just words can do. 🙂

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