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12 awesome reasons to celebrate Canada with the Geenees

June 30, 2017

We’re celebrating Canada Day at Geenees!

If you’re wondering why, let us tell you a fun fact: This is our home country and we can’t help but be happy about today and join in our fellow Canadians in the celebrations.

But for those who are still thinking why we’re absolutely ecstatic today, here are 12 reasons the world should celebrate Canada day with us.

1. Ski throughout the year – almost!

Time flies when you’re working somewhere, but what if you could ski through the year instead? For all the adventure lovers and thrill seekers, Canada has a seven month Whistler ski season that is open from November through May. It is actually the lengthiest ski season in the continent!

skiing geenees

2. Or just row through it at Lake Louise

If you’re not the skiing kinds, you can always spend time at the Lake Louise. Do yoga around the lake, host a small picnic with friends and family, or go ahead and row upon those beautiful uncrowded waters.

row on lake louis geenees

3. Enjoy the awesome culture

Did you know that Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver are listed as one of the most liveable cities in the world? Apart from an awesome culture, the cities boast of exemplary education, low crime rates and a big support for the gay pride.

4. Meeting the polar bears

If you’re someone who has been crushing over cute polar bear pictures on social media, you would be glad to know that more than 50% of our planet’s furry white cuties hail from Canada! You can go for tundra buggy ride or even meet them while canoeing at the river.

polar bear canada

5. Their own Hershey’s chocolate

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! Hershey’s debuted a milkier, much more creamier version of their classic chocolate bar just for the Canadians – yes you heard that right. So while you’re in the city, don’t forget stocking up on it!

hersheys milk chocolate geenees

6. The castle like parliament

All those pictures of a castle you have been wanderlusting upon, is actually the Parliament Hill! It is one of the most pleasing places located on the banks of the Ottawa Rivers. Imagine watching the Senate working hard at making Canada an even better place, while you enjoy the view of a beautiful landscape.

7. The sassiest phone number

We kid you not, the nation’s official phone number is 1-800-O-Canada. If you thought you have an exclusive phone number that’s easy to remember, think again!

8. Endless maple syrup

Another one for the foodies here. There are over 8,000 businesses in Canada that produce 80% of the maple syrup available across the world. If you’re visiting, touring a real syrup farm should definitely be on your travel wishlist. Oh and did we forget mentioning, don’t forget the pancakes!

maple syrup geenees

9. McLobsters are real!

McLobster is an actual item on the menu of the Canadian McDonald’s. So ditch the conventional Chicken McGrills here to try something new. We clearly see too many perks for die hard foodies here, do you?

10. A happier neighbour? Yes please.

Studies found that Canadians are the second most happiest people in the world and they’re only getting happier every year. Imagine seeing smiling faces every time you step out of your house or getting spend the weekend making new friends.

11. Justin Trudeau

You couldn’t expect us to not include him in this list. What’s not to love about the President – we mean, the country? 🙂

justin trudeau geenees

And last, but most importantly..

12. It is literally the home of Santa!

It might be hard to believe but they’ve literally claimed the address – Santa Claus, North Pole, HOH OHO. So the next time you’re wishlisting things from Amazon, make sure you send it at the right address! You don’t want your gifts coming in late.

santa canada geenees

Trust us when we say, we could go on and on. But we’ll cap it here!

Got a Canadian friend or someone planning a trip here? Don’t forget to share this post with them. 🙂

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