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10 Little Things To Pack For The Kids Summer Camp For That Extra Mommy Love

August 11, 2017
kids summer camp must haves

Summer camps are definitely fun – but for kids. As a parent, you have a hundred things running through your mind..

What should I pack for them to wear?
Will this be enough?
What are other children carrying?
Is this easy to carry?

..and the questions go on and on, till they leave for the camp and then come back home!

Pretty obvious, right?

So we decided to take some tips from pro-mommies and of course, add some of our own to it, to give you a list of 10 must-have (apart from the general clothing which you’re already a pro at) that will have your kid saying ‘thank you mommy’ most definitely!

1. Bug repellents

Most camps include a lot of outdoor activities. You certainly don’t want your child complaining of bites or any kind of skin irritation – and imagine how it would ruin the entire camp for him too! Keep them safe with a natural bug repellent like this one.

bug repellent kids summer camp

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2. Sunscreen

And that brings us to the next must have for outdoors – sunscreen! Sunburns are painful and too much exposure to sunlight can really harm your child’s skin. A sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher will make sure even the outdoors are safe for your kids.

la roche sunscreen

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3. Cap or a hat

Really, whichever you know your child would ‘definitely’ wear. It will keep the sharp glare of the sun out of their eyes and let them enjoy all those outdoor activities with their friends.

kids mickey mouse hat

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4. Antibacterial hand wipes

No matter how much we stress on washing hands before eating anything, kids are kids and when left in their own zone, they tend to forget the rules. That’s why the smart mommies are packing antibacterial hand wipes these days. No tummy trouble headed their way!

boogie hand wipes

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5. Cheap camera

You’re not going to be there to capture every little, fun thing your kids do at the camp. But you certainly can’t handover your DSLR to them! So find a cheap, disposable camera for your kids. These could be the polaroids or the simple point and shoot – nothing fancy, and yet a great way to ensure their camp memories last forever!

instax polaroid camera

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6. Flashlight

Summer camps these days are pretty organised. They take care of all the basics, but it is always a good idea to pack a little extra something ‘just in case’ – in this case, we’re talking about a flashlight. If you think your child isn’t too happy in complete darkness, or might like a little light in his tent after lights out, don’t forget to pack a flashlight along with some fresh batteries.

Mommy knows best, right?

kids flashlight

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7. Basic toiletries

Alright, you really don’t want your kid to come back home with an excuse for not brushing his teeth or washing his hair for 2 days! So make sure you’re packing the basic toiletries like a hand soap, brush, a small toothpaste and a plastic cup.

Health over everything, always.

8. Water bottle

We know how kids tend to use bottles from the fridge, instead of glasses and that’s a habit that won’t change at the camp either. So keep a lightweight water bottle with an easy sipper and lid in their bag. They’re going to thank you for it when on a trek at a camp!

kids waterbottle

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9. First aid kit

Yes, the teacher with them will take care of it. But why take a chance? Keep a small first aid kid with just the basics like a medicine for fever, an anti allergic, some bandaids and of course, the medication – if your kid is on any. We would suggest a first aid kit which lets you segment everything – makes it easier for the child to remember as well!

10. Journal

Journaling is something that most of us would love our kids to pick up. But the truth is, it is really hard to put them in this practice. So trying again, pack a small journal and encourage them to note down their daily activities. Now you can’t be there to keep calling them and reminding them to do so, so make sure you add plenty of ‘notes from mommy’ to it.

summer camp journal kids

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Trust us, it won’t be called nagging. 🙂

Summer camps are all about fun and you need to make sure your child makes the most of his memories there. So go ahead, pack away!

  1. Some great essentials to pack. Especially the camera and I love the whole aspect of the camp journal too. Great for when they are older, they can look back on what they did.

    1. Absolutely agree! That’s why we like to encourage even the little ones to journal. 🙂

  2. That’s a perfect list for taking to a camp. Repellent is something that can easily be missing but almost always needed while camping. I think those are not only for the little ones but for all of us. Great list!

  3. These are definitely ten things that pretty much every day camp or other camper should have when out and about. I just wish that they had easier places to get film developed now because it’s hard to send kids out without giving them a digital camera because of how difficult it is to find film and developers now.

  4. 10 little things but they are extremely life saver. Children are unprotected under the sun and they are open target for mosquitos. Also a tent must have uv protect.

  5. I love the idea of a journal. 🙂 Great list of goodies and much needed items. And bugs and I don’t get along at all, so definitely have to pack bug repellant.

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