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10 “I’m Bored” Solutions from Amazon That Your Kids Will Love

August 16, 2017
kids at home geenees

Kids at home – yay!

But there only a few more weeks until your kids are back to school and you’ve already exhausted all the fun activities you planned for them.

Now before you hear them screaming how bored they are, it is time for us to share a few ways you can still keep them entertained – indoors. We know you have a lot of work on hand, and resorting to outdoor activities isn’t always possible!

Here are a few tricks and ideas from Amazon that you could buy right away or wish list on Geenees for later, to perk up their days with fun activities.

1. Indoor gardening kit

You might be too busy with work to be taking your kids outdoors for something. So why not bring a little of the outdoors, indoor? This indoor gardening kit is great to keep your kids engaged with a DIY activity that they’ll get ‘hooked’ to taking care of. Kids bond with every little thing that they have helped grow – plants are a favourite!

indoor planting kit geenees

Buy it here

2. Family game

Remember how Ellen makes all those celebrities enjoy the ‘watch your mouth’ game? There’ a family edition to it available on Amazon and we can’t wait to try it out ourselves! It is authentic and hilarious, and you could even host a family get together to have some fun with this one.

family game mouthshut geenees

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3. Painting hobby kit

At home is the perfect time to nudge your kids to pick up a new hobby. If you’re working on enhancing their artistic skills from doodles to something more evolved like painting, this Faber Castell Young Artist Learn to Paint Set.

painting kit geenees

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4. Baking kit

Another way to engage your kids, is baking. It is a great family activity and they can actually ‘eat’ what they bake. Although you might not be able to leave them alone with it, we found a complete baking kit that makes it easy for your kids to get started with it. Right from muffins to cakes, it’s time to teach them how to bake it all!

baking kit geenees

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5. Indoor camping

If you haven’t been able to send your kids to a summer camp, fret not! You can have an indoor camping night instead. Set up that little tent in a spacious room in your house, and bake s’mores in the microwave instead. What’s more? No worrying about the bug bites!

indoor camping geenees

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6. Letter writing

Gone are those days when we were nudged by our parents to send handwritten notes to our relatives. All we do is text them a few times in the month in the name of keeping in touch. It’s time to change this. Encourage your kids to write letters this time and doodle away to glory! Let your relatives see their creative side too. Buy them sticker sets to personalize their letters and make it more fun.

letter writing stickers geenees

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7. Clean up competition

It is very difficult to make kids keep their rooms clean. What’s worse is that you end up doing it all on your own at the end of a busy day. But what if you turn it into a little game that makes your little one join in too? Set a prize and compete with your kid on who cleans up their room the best.

Psst. Try not winning this one. You do want to keep them motivated!

8. Volunteering

It is important to teach children to give back to those in need and what’s a better time than now? Ask them about the little things they care about the most and how they’d like to improve them. Find small volunteering programs around your area and encourage them to participate. It’s a practice that will go a long way in shaping up their personalities too!

9. Kite flying

This one might seem odd to you, but kids really enjoy this activity. Kite flying can practically be done anywhere – from your garden or from your balcony, and can keep the kids engaged for longer. You could even rope in your neighbour’s kid to set up a competition between the kids and make it more fun!

kite flying geenees

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10. Dance your heart out!

It’s okay to take a little break from your work to join your kids on these activities. A great way to let your hair down, beat the stress and at the same time, make your kids have some real fun, is to dance it off! Pull out your music system, play their favourite tracks and dance with them for as long as you like. Bring in some snacks and their favourite drinks to turn it into a little party.

Let’s be honest, kids aren’t too difficult to entertain. All you need to do is, identify their interests and find an activity that they would love to be a part of – indoors or outdoors, it really doesn’t matter!

Got more ideas for keeping kids at home engaged? Don’t forget to share them with us – we would love to hear more tips! 🙂