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The Must Have Back To School Supplies For The Lil’ Ones To Have A Great Day At School

August 22, 2017
back to school supplies geenees

It’s almost time for the kids to head back to school and no matter how prepared you think you already are, there’s always something that gets left behind.

Now we know how the wailing ‘Mommy, why didn’t you pack this for me?’, is something no one wants to hear after a busy day at work. Oh and the sulking faces, absolutely not!

That’s why the Geenees thought of getting together a list of back-to-school supplies for those in pre-K, kindergarten and first grade. Because, it’s them who needs to feel excited about going back to school – not you.

The basics

You don’t want your kid stepping into class, only to realise how he hasn’t been given a new water bottle like all the others!

1. Backpack

The little ones don’t really need a huge backpack. But it’s a good idea to give them a small bag to carry their books, lunch box and a water bottle. Just make sure it is comfortable for the kid to haul around and his favourite character is made on it.

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2. Pencil box

No way is throwing in a few pencils, pens and art supplies directly into the bag, a solution. If you don’t want them coming around with things broken and asking for replacement, make sure they either have a pencil box or a pouch to carry the supplies.

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3. Lunch box

The one thing that most kids get sentimental about – not carrying an interesting lunch. So make sure that while you’re experimenting in the kitchen to send them with snacks, you also choose an insulated, reusable plastic box that can keep it fresh for at least a few hours.

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4. Water bottle

The best way to avoid kids from falling sick, is to prevent them from having water from other sources. Choose a spill proof water bottle that is made from a BPA free material to hold at least 12 oz of water.

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The learning supplies

Right from the point they step in, schools are going to be on full-swing teaching modes. From the ABCs to the 123s, spelling words to sharing stories, it’s that time of the year again when your child comes back from school with a lot to tell!

1. Notebook

For writing practice of course! While most schools have books that let kids trace letters on and learn, it is a good idea to pack a small notebook for them to experiment in. Don’t forget to keep in mind the wide ruled pages.

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2. Pencils and grips

The little ones are still learning how to grip pencils and pens. So make sure you stick to conventional no. 2 wooden pencils and send them with some soft, rubbery guides to slip onto them. Developing the right finger positioning is very important!

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3. Erasers

Yes, most pencils have an eraser attached at the top. But sending your kid with an additional eraser is better. Personally, we think stand alone erasers are softer and there are lesser chances of torn notebooks.

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4. Pencil sharpener

Kids have a tendency of playing with their pencils. No matter how many sharpened pencils you equip them with, they’re going to come back with broken nibs. So don’t forget to add a pencil sharpener to their pencil box.

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Arts and craft

Remember how our early school days were full of fun activities like arts and craft, apart from classes where we would learn how to write? Yes, that’s still a thing – for that matter, schools have started focusing more and more on it.

That’s why you need to keep a few art and craft supplies ready by your side.

1. Crayons

We know how much you fear your walls from being coloured with crayons again. But it’s a must have that you need to put back in their bags. Find a set that covers all the basic shades – 8, 16 or 24 that they can easily recognise.

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2. Coloured pencils

From rainbow writing, tracing to colouring, let’s just say colour pencils have been our personal favourite. Having these in your kids’ kit is like a neater and less destructive way for him to enjoy playing with colours.

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3. Scissors

Based on the activity planned for the crafts class, buy rounded or blunt tip scissors for your kid’s kit. You can also find a scissor kit that includes different shapes that let children cut paper easily.

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4. Glue

Glue sticks are your best here! They’re easier to use and cause less mess than making use of liquid glue. Kids are kids, you can’t stop them from being over excited about using something new. So keep it safe!

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5. Smock

A smock is a great way to keep your kids’ clothes from getting dirty while he enjoys colouring or painting at school. An alternative to this can be an old t-shirt from your wardrobe that is able to cover most of your kids’ clothes when thrown over.

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6. Paper

The teachers usually prefer the type of paper that the kids need to bring along – coloured, ruled, plain or others, based on what they’re planning to get done for the day. Keeping stock of each can save you from the last minute run to the stationery store.


1. Antibacterial wipes

You know they’re not going to wash their hands before eating. But what you can do, is make sure they at least wipe them. Send them with a few antibacterial wipes or a hand sanitizer in the bag to make sure you keep them healthy.

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2. Change of clothes

Alright, a lot of you might not find this one important. But the truth is, they are still little children who can end up messing up what they’re wearing. From food and water spills, to playing in the mud, it is always wise to pack a simple change of clothes for them.

We know it is not easy to plan the back-to-school day. Every kid has his whims and fancies that you need to keep in mind while packing his backpack. That’s why we made Geenees!

Search for products that your kid might like to carry to school from Amazon, save them to a wishlist made specifically for them. And if your friend and family want to be a part of this fun day, even they could buy some of these things for your kids – all you need to do, is add them to Geenees and share your wishlist with them. 🙂

Surprise your kid with back to school gifts that will make it even more fun for them!

We have just listed a few must-haves. What other things do you feel are an absolute must have?