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The social networking app for Perfect Gifting: Introducing Geenees

August 29, 2017
geenees wishlisting app on ios

It’s a social world and we’re practically sharing everything we do every day, with our friends on digital platforms. Some for personal use and others for professional. We’ll even hop on to whatever is the latest social channel to stay in touch with our circles. But when it comes to gifting, we have been sticking to only one thing since 1994 – gift cards.

For that matter, gift cards are actually the most popular present in the United States. Be it a birthday, an anniversary, a house warming party or a baby shower, the safest thing we reach out to has been a gift card!

What was the last event you attended and what did you gift the person? A gift card? Bingo. These cards have become the most cynical presents of all – even worse than giving cash to someone to buy their own gift.

Every time you give a gift card, you’re not just locking the receiver to using a particular brand or store, but also relieving yourself from having to put any thought behind a gift.

Simply put, if someone gives you a gift card showing how they want you to buy what you like by yourself, they don’t care about or understand you enough.

That’s not a good thing. Is it?

Nor is giving an irrelevant gift and hoping that it adds value to someone!

stop hoping for perfect gifting geenees wishlisting app

Introducing Geenees

Geenees brings relationships to life with the perfect gifting experience.

We all have a hard time deciding what we want to gift someone. Every time there is a celebration in our social circle, we can see people asking each other what someone would want or even worse – asking them directly.

While the intention behind this is to simply gift them something that adds value to them, it is also a fact that creates an awkward moment between the receiver and the giver. Just how does one end up saying that they’re looking for something so specific, without knowing what the giver is comfortable buying? Feels a little too selfish, doesn’t it?

When we moved to Canada, we saw how people wanted to make a special moment with gifts but often ended up going through this awkward questioning, or spending too much time and money on gifts that weren’t even right!

All the loving intention behind a gift, kept going down the drain and we saw how to be on the safer side, people stopped making an effort. They moved to gift cards.

Gift cards and repeated presents (yes, we got gifted 4 moulding kits on our baby shower) have been ruining the essence of practical gifting so far.

But we wanted to change this and create something that doesn’t bring in awkwardness to any celebration.

Geenees is for anyone and everyone who finds it really difficult to search for the right gift, and resorts to buying just another gift card every time. With our beta app already out, Geenees is what reflects wishes coming true by a real life Genie that isn’t just meant for storybooks!

We believe that Geenees takes the guesswork out of gifting. “A perfect gift is when you feel good on both the giving and the receiving end,” is what we thought of while making the app.

What does Geenees do?

Geenees allows users to find items that have been looking for and add them to their own wish lists. These wish lists are visible to the friends and family they invite to the app (who can also create their own lists), letting them see what the user is wishing for and making it easier to decide what to gift them.

A user can also create event based wish lists to make it easier for their friends and family to plan a gift or a surprise party.

For example, you could create a wishlist for what you want on your birthday and a separate one for what you’d like on your anniversary instead!

geenees wishlisting app ios

But Geenees works the best with friends. That’s why you need to invite at least two friends or family members to Geenees before you start wish listing. You do need someone to make your wishes come true! They are your Geenees!

The app also gives you a reminder of upcoming events that you need to buy a gift for and a quick alert when someone from your Geenees buys you a gift from your wish list.

Removes the hassle of ‘is this the right gift. Right?

In fact, we’re also working on a feature that will enable you to pitch in together as a group and buy a friend the gift they have been looking for. No more impersonal gifts with restricted budgets!

What happens next, though?

You can tap on an item from their wish list, add them to your cart and we’ll take you to Amazon to purchase the gift. Once you’re done, you can come back to the app to check off that item from the person’s wish list and mark it as bought!

“Geenees ensures that no one gets the same gift twice, by letting them know what they already have and what someone has purchased for them.”

But here’s the fun part of it all…

Practicality meets Surprise with Geenees

While Geenees brings practicality to gifting with smart wish lists and creating a social channel for friends, and family to connect on, it retains the essence of ‘surprises’ too.

Although an item gets checked off from a user’s wish list and it is evident that someone is bringing it to them as a gift, Geenees actually hides the information of ‘who is bringing the gift.’

So in the end, when you walk into a celebration and gift someone something they absolutely love, you will be overjoyed to see the SURPRISE on their face! 😀

You’re not just giving a gift. You’re creating a moment that will last forever!

Then what’s holding you back?

We’re out with our iOS app and you can download it, right here:

download geenees on ios

But in case you’re an Android user, don’t forget to subscribe to get an update on our app – we’re launching it soon! Subscribe here.

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