10 Unusual Diwali Gift Ideas From Amazon To Make Moments Special

October 5, 2017
unusual diwali gift ideas

The festival of lights is here and we couldn’t be more excited. No matter where you are, Diwali is that one day you see hundreds and maybe even thousands of people around you celebrate. There are firecrackers, lots of string lights, candles and of course, sweets that leave you wanting more.

But most people today ditch the firecrackers and take the day as an opportunity to get together, catch up on lost time and create moments forever. And of course, there’s a lot of gifting that happens – everyone trying a little bit to make the other happy and leave them with a memory that lasts.

So we decided to share some unusual ideas for Diwali gifts that you can start buying right away! Well, you don’t want to be one of those giving chocolates and sweets only, right?

1. Lakshmi Ganesha Shadow Diyas

No one can ever enough diyas on Diwali. But why stick to just the earthen ones? Instead give them this shadow diya that will last longer than everything else. This religious tea light candle holder stand is sure to make a soothing decor piece in any bedroom, and will definitely be loved by your friends and family.

diwali diya gift idea

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2. Window Curtain String Lights

It’s time to break the conventional with some Instagram inspired decor this Diwali. These window curtain string lights are definitely going to find a permanent place in homes. For reading nooks, bedrooms or even the living room, this gift is most welcome and is also pretty popular on Amazon – order it right away!

light curtains

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3. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

Diwali brings in good vibes, good luck and good health to everyone. So why not take it a notch up by gifting natural Himalayan salt lamps to friends and family? They provide a pure and natural source of light that offers positive and soothing effects for maximum relaxation. Personally, we would love to have one in our house.

salt lamps diwali gift ideas

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4. Handmade pottery

Nothing says personalized than handmade gifts. But that doesn’t mean you need to get all crafty now. Find handmade pottery – mugs, bowls or even dining sets to give as gifts to your friends. We’re sure they’re going to love having something unique to have their morning cup of tea in!

handmade pottery diwali gift ideas

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5. Autumn Gift Tower

Come on, hampers are everyone’s favourite and there’s no denying that! This tower here is for everyone – with dry fruits and popcorns to suit all taste buds, we sure would love to have one of these at the gathering. You could even choose cookie boxes, cakes or cupcakes, based on what your friends and family prefer.

autumn gift tower diwali

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6. Gorgeous Rug

Rugs are back in home decor trends. You have visited your friend’s home innumerable times already, so why not give them something that adds to the theme they’re following at home? This gorgeous rug has various patterns to suit different decor themes and is definitely going to find a welcome place in homes.

diwali gift ideas rug

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7. Scented Candles

Diwali is so much about lights and happiness. A few candles are sure to add to the vibe, but do it with a twist – gift scented candles instead. This way you can be sure they’re used even after Diwali to simply change the aura of the house. If you’re not sure about what scent might appeal to your friends and family, this set here is a great idea!

scented candles diwali gift ideas

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8. Decorative mirrors

Does your friend love minimalistic, yet modern home decor? Well, there’s no better day than Diwali to gift them a little bling for their house. Decorative mirrors come in different shapes, sizes and of course, colours. So take your pick, but make sure you give a gift that they would love!

decorative mirrors diwali

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9. Ready Rangoli

So many people want to make a rangoli on Diwali at the entrance of their homes to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. But let’s get real, just how many people in our circle are actually good at it? This ready to use rangoli can be placed on the floor, later on the wall or on a table.

rangoli diwali gift ideas

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10. Gift them what they wish for!

And this one is probably the one idea that you wish you could do. With Geenees, you can add your friends and family to the app, ask them to create their Diwali wish lists from Amazon. Then all you need to do is pick one of the items they are wishing for and surprise them with it as a gift on the day you meet! You would never go wrong with gifting if you knew what exactly your friends and family are looking for.

Sounds exactly how you’d like Diwali gifting to be?

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