10 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas That Will Surely Be Loved

October 7, 2017
Thankgiving gift ideas Geenees

Thanksgiving is almost here!

Well, in some places, it’s gone already. But there’s no time other than now to be grateful and say thank you to all those people who matter in your life, for all those things that you have achieved and for all those things that are coming your way.

So we decided to continue the spirit of being grateful, as you gear up to host a Thanksgiving dinner or attend one.


By making your job slightly easier in finding the right gift for your guests if you’re hosting a dinner, or for the host of the dinner you’re attending. After all, a big smile on their face is exactly what you want to see!

1. Wine Glasses 

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without some beers or a glass of wine. So why not walk into one with a wine glass set as gift? Ditch the conventional glass wine glasses, for a classier one in stainless steel – just like those old times!

wine glass geenees thanksgiving gifts

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2. A bottle of wine

You can never have too much wine and if that holds true for your friends, and family too, go ahead and bag a bottle of wine before heading to the dinner. To make things even more fun, how about this Game of Thrones red wine?

game of thrones wine gift ideas

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3. Beautiful Bouquets

Another thing that you can’t go wrong with, are flowers. Everyone loves a little bit of freshness in their homes, and a bouquet is a sure shot way doing that! You could even experiment with artificial flowers or dry flower settings instead of the fresh flowers – certainly memories that will last longer.

bouquet geenees thanksgiving gift

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4. Herb Growing Kit 

For the host with a green thumb, this herb kit is absolutely perfect. But what’s more, is that it is a sweet way to also say thank you to nature on Thanksgiving by doing your bit at home.

grow at home herb kit geenees

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5. Scented Candles 

Candles too can never go wrong. They’re thoughtful, simple and can be used by the receiver on Thanksgiving or maybe some other day as well. If you know the scent they love, it’s a great idea to gift them exactly that!

scented candles geenees

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6. Silver serving tray 

If you’re looking for something thoughtful, simple, classy and definitely useful, then you might want to look for a silver serving tray. Choosing silver as the metal is a way of saying you chose something special for the receiver, and also adds to the charm of the Thanksgiving dinner.

silver tray thanksgiving gift ideas geenees

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7. Yummy Macaroons 

Head over to a bakery around your house or order a box of macaroons. Some yummies in tummies is something no one minds, right? We love this one for instance!

macaroons thanksgiving gift ideas

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8. Sweet mug

Sometimes all you need to say thank you is a sweet mug. So that every time the person has tea or coffee in the morning, they smile knowing you’re glad to have them in your life. We’d personally love a mug like this one!

mugs geenees

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9. Mud pie Thanksgiving spread set 

A mud pie spread set with cute quotes carved on them is absolutely perfect for Thanksgiving! Absolutely cute to use and lovely to keep as well, these are going to bring a smile to everyone’s face every time they are brought out of the drawer. 🙂

thanksgiving cutlery set

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10. Find the perfect gift on Geenees

If you’re still confused about what you should gift on Thanksgiving. We have a simple solution – Geenees! Ask your friends and family to join Geenees, wish list the products they love from Amazon. This way you know what each one is wishing for and you can pick one thing that you can gift the person! 🙂

Pretty simple way of finding the perfect gift right? 😀

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