The Christmas Countdown 2017 Has Begun. Are You Ready?

October 12, 2017
Christmas countdown 2017 geenees

The Christmas countdown has begun. Believe it or not, but it is not only us who have already started preparing to get our Christmas trees set. There are others who went ahead and actually created a countdown on the internet!

Right from 100 days till Christmas, we aren’t the only ones who are striking off dates on the calendar. If you could see us jumping right now, you’d know how excited we are about not being the only excited kids on the block.

As of today, there are just 73 days left to Christmas! (You can check what day it is when you’re reading this, here)

After all, who doesn’t love all those gifts from Santa?

But what about being on the other side? The side where you are the one who needs to buy the gifts and surprise people on Christmas morning with everything they have been wishing for.

Now there are two ways to do this – you either guess what they want and hope for it to be right, or you simply ask them what they’d like as a gift.

To be honest, we’re all about surprises and don’t want that taken away from us. Both the ways above, surely kill the surprise element from Christmas gifting – unless you’re playing Secret Santa, where you might just get gifted something you already have.


Honestly, we’d rather like to get this shocked look than the sad one, on getting something you don’t even want..

christmas gift ideas geenees

While Good Housekeeping and other online magazines are definitely making it a little easier to buy Christmas gifts, what’s the guarantee that my best friend wouldn’t have what they listed already? Or if my mom would actually like any of it. Irrespective how cool the gift ideas are on the list, there’s always a chance of going wrong.

That’s why we decided to do things differently this year.

Planning it all out!

We’re all big planners – somewhere, deep down, we are.

While setting up our Christmas trees is of prime importance to our families, we took it a notch up to plan out the gifts as well. That’s where Geenees comes in.

christmas tree geenees

Christmas gifting with Geenees

We made Geenees to make gifting simple, social and super fun. All without having to move around and ask your friends or family members, what they want. To avoid answering that question, we created a gifting solution that made it less awkward for everyone to share what they are wishing for.

This year, we’re creating our Christmas wishlists on Geenees. Adding products we absolutely love on Amazon to our event wish list on the app, we are letting our friends and family see what we have been wishing for. And of course, in turn, also get to see what’s on their list.

Geenees christmas wishlist

Wait, how does Geenees really work?

1. Create a Christmas event

Log in to Geenees and create an event for Christmas. Set a date for the celebration that your friends and family would be joining you in, on.

2. Find products you love on Amazon

Click on ‘+’ under your recently created Christmas event. Look for products from the search in Geenees. Save the products you really love into your event wish list instantly by selecting them.

3. Invite friends and family

No wish will come true if your Santa isn’t around and we all know who they are. Invite your friends and family to Geenees, encourage them to create their own wish lists as well for Christmas. You can send them an invite on social media, email or even chat apps that you’re usually catching up on.

4. Find the perfect gift

Take a look at what everyone is wishing for. Select the product you can gift a person, add to cart and get ready to place an order on Amazon right away. Make a wish come true without killing the surprise of gifting!

5. Granting wishes

Once you have purchased the product, come back to Geenees and mark the gift item as ‘wish granted’ for your friend or family member. Let them know that Santa has heard their wishes and one of them is on their way. Don’t worry, we don’t let anyone know it’s you until you are ready to give the gift to them yourself!

6. Make memories

Wait for their surprised expressions on Christmas morning and capture it for sure, because that’s a memory you don’t want to lose! 🙂

christmas celebration 2017 geenees

Think Geenees can make this Christmas special for everyone? Then go ahead and download our iOS app today.

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