6 Simple Steps To Stress Free Christmas Party Planning This Year

November 5, 2017
Christmas Party planning Geenees

As the Christmas countdown has begun, we’re not just stepping out to find the perfect Christmas tree, but also making plans to get together with friends and family. Amidst all the activity, lies the responsibility of hosting that ‘perfect’ Christmas party on the host. And if you’re the host in this scenario, we totally know how important it is to start planning right away – no matter how many times people tell you that it is too early for Christmas!

After all, when the Kardashian family could plan out an entire season for Christmas months before, why should you hold back. Right?

So we decided to take some tips from all the expert party planners and bloggers out there who have been hosting amazing Christmas parties, to give you a quick countdown checklist to plan your own. It’s time to get things rolling!

Christmas planning geenees

1. Set a date and send out the invites early

Now most of us are busy during the Christmas week. So it’s a good idea to set a date for the party a little prior. You might want to ask how your friends and family are placed, check on your schedules and decide a day that is comfortable for everyone to enjoy the party! Make sure you send out the invites early as well. Be it on digital or in paper, ensuring the invites reach everyone in time will prevent all the confusion.

2. Set a party budget

Alright, we all have a tendency to overspend during Christmas. With all those sales and discounts coming in, you really can’t be blamed for it. Right? But while planning a party, you need to put yourself on a budget or things could get out of hand – really quick! Whether it is the grocery items you will need to pick up, the things you will need to outsource or the gifts, budgeting always helps.

3. Plan out the food

Okay, let’s get real for a minute. When you have so many people coming over, the number one worry is to get the food ready – especially if you’re planning to do it all by yourself. Instead of overwhelming yourself with ‘what should you prepare’ at the last minute, chalk out a menu that all your friends and family tend to enjoy (and something that is feasible for you to prepare). Use sticky notes with set timelines to prepare each dish, to avoid forgetting anything.

Pro tip: Don’t hesitate in outsourcing a few things or suggesting a potluck dinner to your friends and family. 

4. Plan out your outfits too

We don’t know about you, but deciding what to wear at a party is the biggest challenge we face! The day of the event can be really hectic. While you want to look the best in your yearly Christmas pictures, you also want something which is non-fuss, minimalistic and functional – because hey, you got a party to host! Try to get your outfit together – top to bottom, at least a week prior to the party.

Pro tip: If you have kids, it’s a good idea to plan their outfits in advance as well. 

5. Get the perfect gifts

We think Christmas is a lot about the gifts one gets from Santa. No matter at what age we are, we’re secretly wishing for one of our wishes to come true every year. So why not take the guesswork out of gifting and make sure everyone gets only the gift they are really ‘hoping’ Santa would bring them?

It’s a great idea to start wish listing products you love on Amazon, into your Geenees Christmas wish list. You could even invite your friends and family to the app, to join you in on creating a wish list of things they want – before the event!

Creating your Christmas wish list on Geenees

Pro tip: After making a wish come true, you can even come back to Geenees and mark the wish as granted for the person. So that there are absolutely no repeat gifts. You can download the app here. 🙂 

6. Get the decor done in time

If you’re as excited about Christmas, your house is already feeling a little Christmas-y with little stockings here and there. But if you haven’t started yet, it’s time to! The Christmas countdown has begun and the decorations are more than readily available in the market. So think about how you’d like to do up the party area of your house. Bring in everything you need to do up the tree, the fireplace and more – but make sure you have everything with you at least a week before the event!

A pretty simple check list to plan out your Christmas party. Right?

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