Veterans Day Gift Ideas That Will Actually Be Loved

November 11, 2017
Veterans day gift ideas geenees

Giving gifts to our loved on birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions is a common trend. It just makes the relationship more beautiful by letting you show how much you love and cherish them. The same way, it’s time to make our veterans feel special for all that they have done for us till date. While Veteran’s day is being celebrated in their honour, why not do a little yourself to make them feel special?

While we turn around to thank the veterans in our home, we thought of sharing some gift ideas that you could use as well. After all, it’s just a small way to say thank you – the right way!

1. A simple greeting card 

We know how our veterans have been the least demanding and have done everything they could to get us the freedom we breathe today. The number one thing that you could do and would be cherished forever, is giving a simple hand written note in a greeting card. A simple thank you to let them know that you will forever love them for everything they have done, is a really personalized way to make them feel special.

veterans day gift ideas 1

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2. Veteran embroidered washed cap

You know how the veterans in our life, live a life so proud. If they could, they would wear their medals proudly, but wouldn’t it become too much to handle for the others around them? So why not buy them something trendy, yet close to their heart and makes them feel proud every time they put it on? This cap here is clearly popular on Amazon too!

veterans day gift ideas 2

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Ps. You could even get a customised cap made for them, depending on where they served. 🙂 

3. American Flag tie-bar cufflink

For the forever well dressed veteran in your life, this one is an absolute must. While you take them out for dinner on Veteran’s day, why not let them keep their love close to them? This tie bar cufflink is smart for all the formal gatherings they attend and is sure to hit real close to their heart. Wardrobe must have, is what we’re calling it!

veterans day gift ideas 3

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4. Garden flag – need we say more?

Why not let the world know that you’re super proud to have a veteran in your life? This garden flag is definitely a sweet gesture. 🙂

veterans day gift ideas 4

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5. A special cup for the veteran  

We all have our favourite cups at home, for tea and coffee. But why not get our veterans their very own cup? After all, they do deserve one right!

veterans day gift ideas 5

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6. A good read 

Most veterans are avid readers and if not avid, they do enjoy a good read every now and then. We handpicked this book for some of the veterans in our life. But if you know their choices, it’s even better! Gift them a book from their favourite author with a quick hand written note. That’s all it takes to make them feel special.

veterans day gift ideas 6

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7. Gift hampers 

Can’t decide what you’d like to give? Or do you feel that the veteran in your life seems to content with everything they have? Well, this gift hamper is sure to overwhelm them with joy – just look at all those chocolates, cookies and all things healthy in here.

veterans day gift ideas 7


Ps. You could even curate the little things they really love snacking on, mix them up with some of the other goodies we listed, and create your own little hamper! 

8. Bullet bottle opener 

Now for the coolest find while searching for Veterans Day gifts on Amazon – the bullet bottle opener. For the time when they are about to raise a toast at dinner, let’s do it all in style!

veterans day gift ideas 8

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Ps. You could even look at personalizing the bottle opener with their name engraved on it. 

While these are just a few of our finds while looking for gifts, we’d love to know how you’re making the veteran in your life feel special today! So don’t forget to share a picture of your celebration with us on Twitter.


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