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How To Find The Perfect Gifts For Christmas With Geenees

November 21, 2017
perfect gifts for Christmas Geenees

Christmas is right around the corner and we all know how much planning goes behind it. From finding the right Christmas tree, to its decorations, planning out the dinner with family and friends, and most importantly, finding the right gifts for everyone – it can get really tedious. It has always been for us, at least!

That’s why we decided to create something that will make it easy for you to find perfect gifts for Christmas – Geenees.

While you know that Geenees is a smart wish listing app that you can save products to from Amazon.com, Amazon UK and Amazon India, we wanted to tell you how Santa is going to be seeing your wish lists this year.

Finding the perfect gifts for Christmas with Geenees 

1. Create a Christmas Event

Log in to your Geenees app, head over to ‘Events’ from the bottom menu. Tap on the ‘+’ at the top right corner to create a new even for Christmas. Give a name to the event, set a date and you’re all set to add your wishes for Santa!

creating an event on geenees

2. Add your wishes 

Click on the little yellow ‘+’ sign you see under the event. From all the products you have saved from Amazon.com, Amazon UK or Amazon India, select the ones you’re wishing for, on Christmas. If you look for another item, tap the ‘+’ icon at the top right corner to search for your favourite product. Simply add the product to your event wish list.

adding wishes on geenees

3. Now let’s make that wish come true! 

Gone are the days when we thought Santa was going to climb down the chimney, place your gifts under the tree and quietly climb back up. We know it is our friends and family in the end that go the extra mile to give you a little surprise.

Now that your Christmas wish list is ready, it’s time to add Santa’s Geenees.

4. Invite your friends and family 

Tap on ‘Geenees’ from the bottom menu. Here you will see a list of all your existing friends and family who’re also wish listing on the app. If you want to invite someone new, head over to the ‘+’ at the top right corner. Tap on ‘Invite new Geenees’ and then choose which channel you want to use to invite them.

You can use social media, any of the chat apps you make use of, email or even manually copy the link to the app to invite them.

invite your friends to geenees

5. Make sure they’re wish listing too! 

Nudge everyone you invite to download the app and start wish listing for the gifts they want on Christmas too. With each of you now being able to see what the other is wish listing, we’re sure you’re not going to go wrong with the gift. After all, Santa does know everything! Right?

Ready to find perfect gifts for Christmas?

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