Christmas Decor On Amazon: Things You Need To Buy Today

November 28, 2017
Christmas Decor on Amazon Geenees

Just a few days to Christmas and while we have been keeping a little busy with all the relocation, it is finally time for us get down to prepping our home for the celebrations. And that’s exactly why we landed on Amazon to find some cute decor items that our family is sure to love.

If you’re still struggling to find Christmas decor on Amazon or are too overwhelmed by the choices you have, fret not! We have partly sorted it for you, keeping budget-friendliness in mind.

10 items from Christmas Decor on Amazon that you absolutely need 

1. Light up all corners 

With kids, it’s really difficult to use candles around the house. But Christmas calls for lighting up every little corner of the house. So we found this amazing set of LED candles that are so warm. But what’s best is that we can change the light colour as per the rest of our decor.

LED lights for Christmas

Buy them here

2. Make the happiness stick 

The best way to do up your kid’s room for Christmas, is to use stickers! And we found a really cute set on Amazon. With a Santa, Christmas tree and happy snow mans in the pack, we’re sure your kids are going to love these. They are easily removable once the celebrations are over or when you feel like changing up the window decor.

christmas kids stickers

Buy it here

3. Let’s make it comfy too

What we all love about cushions is that they can instantly change the way a space looks. They can perk it up completely and even make it look decorated. All you need to do, is pick the right set for your rooms. We found this cushion cover set that could go on double duty for your Christmas party – decor and comfort, nailed!

christmas decor cushions

Buy it here

4. The mandatory wreath 

Just like the Christmas tree, you can’t possibly have a celebration decor complete without a wreath. But finding the right size, the perfectly decorated wreath can be a task sometimes. But we were lucky to find this one with LED lights on Amazon. You should bag it right away. Really!

christmas decor wreath

Buy it here

5. Set up the Christmas village 

It might seem like a task to curate every little item to create your own Christmas village. So we thought of finding a set instead that would perk up the decor and also keep the kids at home, engaged. This train set from Amazon is perfect. Don’t you think?

christmas toy set

Buy it here

6. Light up the outdoors 

Like we said, we’re leaving no stone unturned this Christmas. These candy LED lights for the outdoor pavement are absolutely perfect. It’s a set of ten at a really friendly cost and you could use it next year too – probably in a different manner. You can even hang these up if you like!

outdoor christmas lights

Buy it here

7. Deck it all up

If you ask us, there’s no such thing as too many ornaments on Christmas – on the tree and off it. We like to use them in different corners of the house to create a happy, Christmassy look. And we found a set of 155 ornaments in golden colour. There are other colours available too, if you like!

christmas ornaments

Buy it here

8. The Christmas tree itself 

Okay, so we haven’t found the time to go out and find the perfect tree. Bummer! So we decided that it’s all about the spirit and we could do with an artificial one instead – plus hey, reuse later. And you won’t believe, but we found one that looks just like the real ones.

christmas tree

Buy it here

9. Time to put the caps on 

You didn’t think we were going to suggest these. Were you? As ridiculous as this may sound, we actually enjoy a party where even people are in their Christmassy spirit. These caps are perfect – don’t you think? They come in sets of 3, so you could buy as many as you like and everyone gets to pick the one they like for the party.

christmas caps

Buy it here

10. Keeping up the welcoming Christmas spirit 

Literally. This doormat here is going to get all your friends and family in the mood to party, instantly. After all, you can’t ever look at someone wishing you a Merry Christmas with a frown. Right? Apart from that, another one of the reusable decor items that we’re stocking up on this year.

christmas door mat

Buy it here 

Christmas decor is all about happiness and how you feel like doing up your entire house – right from the entrance to even the bathroom. Yes, we don’t leave even our storage rooms undone! After all, it’s that time of the year when everywhere you look, there should be happiness around.

Did you find some great Christmas decor on Amazon too? Do link us to it because we’re wish listing what we need on Geenees and we’d love to see yours too!

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