Why I’m Not Going To Buy Another Christmas Gift Card Again

December 9, 2017
Christmas gift cards geenees

We’ve been feeling Christmassy every since December began and there’s no reason not to! But while we have been spending time to perfect every detail for a great celebration with our friends and family, we noticed what our neighbours to have been up to.

No offence, they are the sweetest people we know. We also know they have been so busy all this while, trying to wrap up all work before the new year begins. While they have all aced putting up their Christmas trees and decorating their homes, the case is not the same when it comes to the gifts.

Yes, going on shopping trips with them, I noticed that most of them actually chose Christmas gift cards instead of trying to buy an actual gift.

The reason?

Oh, they just want to give the person receiving it, an option to pick out what they like from the holiday season sales.

I’m not here to argue, but since when did Santa actually start slipping in gift cards instead of gifts. Oh and wait, just where is the age old culture of creating wish lists and being surprised when they come true?

I know we have all grown up, but does that mean we kill the little joys of Christmas? I think, NOT. And that’s why I’m not buying a single Christmas gift card this year – I’m going to go the extra mile and search for the perfect gifts instead!

Else how are the little kids in my family going to wake up looking so happy?

christmas gift cards for kids geenees

And of course, what’s a tree that has absolutely no gifts kept under it – just piles of cards?

Finding the perfect gift made easy

We started out by verbally encouraging people to make that extra effort to find a gift. Sometimes our logic worked for them and at other times, we saw them pick out a Christmas gift card for their loved ones – simply because there was such less time on hand and they had a hundred other things to get in place before the holidays actually began.

So instead of nagging them any further, me and the team, made a solution!


Most of our users already know what Geenees is. Then there are those who don’t really know how wish listing from Amazon could help find the perfect gifts. So let’s tell you how we have been preparing for Christmas, finding gifts for our friends and family, using our own app.

1. We created a Christmas event 

There are a few things you’re wishing for on Christmas. Then why add them to a general wish list on Amazon? We created an ‘event’ called ‘Christmas 2017’ on Geenees first – our zeal to remain organised shows!

creating an event on geenees

2. We saved products we love from Amazon 

In the event, we went ahead and searched for products we love on Amazon. From there, we simply added them to the event wish list. Since Amazon offers global deliveries, we actually ended up saving some from, some from and some from Amazon India. Yes, our wishes too are globe trotting!

adding wishes on geenees

3. We called over our Geenees 

Now here’s where most of our users too get confused. Creating wish lists works when your friends and family can see them to, to plan out and buy you something you love – and of course, vice versa holds true too. So we sent out invites to our circle from the app, adding them as Geenees. All they need to do, is download the app as well and start creating their wish lists for Christmas.

invite your friends to geenees

Yes, now everyone in your circle knows what the other is looking for and can buy them something more meaningful than a Christmas gift card.

Each one of you can now pick a gift you’d like to buy for the other on Christmas, without disclosing that you’re their Secret Santa this year. Simply select the product you’d like to buy from Amazon and come back to the app to mark the wish as ‘granted’ – keep them guessing till Christmas eve!

Now, don’t you think that’s a lot more exciting than keeping a gift card under the tree or sending them one in email?

We think it is and it isn’t too late to find the perfect gifts for everyone. So go ahead, download our app, invite your friends and family to it, and get ready to be surprised on Christmas! 🙂

christmas call to action geenees



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