10 Unique Christmas Tree Decor Ideas That You Can Use

December 14, 2017
Christmas tree decor ideas

Almost all of us have found our Christmas trees, and are now setting them up in the house. But every year, we want it to look a little different from the last. After all, you do want to impress Santa with your creativity. Right?

That is why we found 10 unique Christmas tree decor ideas that you can use, by simply getting the right ornaments in place.

1. Let the snow set in 

It’s snowing in most parts of the world and is probably winters in some. We often associate snowflakes with the festive season, but seldom bring them in. This year, instead of the usual string lights, why not wrap the tree in these gorgeous snowflake lights? The tree would look just the way it did outside when you brought it home!

christmas tree snowflake lights

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2. Wrap it up in golden 

Not gift wrapper though! Buy some golden ribbon and wrap it around the tree. The colour itself has a festive cheer to it and will bring out the beauty of the rest of the ornaments beautifully. The best part is that you really don’t need to need to think all too much on where and how you string it. You could even choose a red ribbon if you like!

christmas tree decor ideas

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3. Countryside inspired 

Christmas is all about being cozy, then why not give your Christmas tree a similar look? Instead of the usual glossy metal and plastic ornaments, look for wooden ornaments instead. It won’t just take your decor inspiration back to the good old days, but also make your tree stand out.

christmas tree decor ideas wooden ornaments

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4. Embrace the white

Just like a wooden theme, you could also go for a white Christmas tree theme. From paper doves, snowflakes, frosted pinecones and other little ornaments, look for white based things to give your tree a wintery look.

white christmas tree ornaments

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5. Season’s greetings 

Yes, decor does play a key role in how Christmassy your house looks. But a few words here and there will only add it up! This ‘Merry Christmas’ sign is so simple and cute that we can’t help but buy it right away. Plus it covers a major section of the tree, making for good ornament replacement.

merry christmas hanging

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6. Have a tree in every room 

Another way to decorate your home this Christmas, is to have a little tree in every room. No, really! No one’s going to call you over zealous or anything. After all, it is just added cheer and you get to keep a close watch on Santa. If you know what I mean!

mini christmas tree

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7. Change the topper

Most of us choose to have a big star or an angel at the top of their Christmas tree. But when you could put those as ornaments otherwise, why not use something else on the top. A huge snowflake, ivy, your favourite family picture or anything that personalizes it!

christmas tree topper

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8. String those memories 

Got some cute polaroid pictures lying around? It’s time to put them to use. String those on your Christmas tree this year, along with the ornaments. It’s like your very own decor that remains unique to you.

9. A cozy tree skirt 

It’s cold outside. Even your tree could do with a skirt that is soft, cozy and warm. Don’t you think? Get a chunky blanket this time as a Christmas tree skirt. Everyone’s going to love sitting around the tree on Christmas tree!

christmas knit

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10. Cluster lights

Don’t just string lights on the tree! How about have them around the tree, to add some warmth to the room that the tree is in? We absolutely love these yellow cluster likes. They’re multi-purpose and are absolutely lovely for even after the festive season.

cluster lights

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How are you decorating your Christmas tree this year? We’d love to see and get inspired, so share them with us on Twitter!

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