Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Your Kids Will Love

December 22, 2017
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Christmas is here!

You’ve set up your Christmas tree, the stockings are up and you have bought all the gifts that your kids had been wishing for. But there’s one little thing that you’ve been procrastinating over and need to get down to, right away – Christmas gift wrapping.

What’s the fun in getting a gift in a branded paper bag or just like that?

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Go a little more Christmassy 

If you thought the Christmas decor is all you could do to get the happiness going, you’re wrong. Take your game a level up by gift wrapping things in Santa’s costumes. A little bit of DIY never really hurt anyone and the smile you’ll get on your kid’s face – it’s going to be priceless. Just look at this cute idea we found!



Build that snowman

Got multiple gifts for your kids and want a creative way to put them all together? How about building a snowman out of them. All you need to do is get some white wrapping paper, put the gifts in boxes of different sizes, stack them up and get to a little DIY to make it look like a little snowman of their own.

snowman christmas gift wrapping


Initials always work 

One of the easiest and the cutest way to personalize your gifts, is to add initials to the gift wrapping. You could do a quick scribble of the names on the gift paper or add little tags like these and let your kids find the gifts that are meant for them!

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An additional treat maybe?

We know you want to keep a little check on how many sweets your kids are eating during holidays. But come on, isn’t that what holidays are for? So get their favourite candy and add it at the top of their gift as an additional treat. We’re sure they’ll be smiling the moment they have it in their hands.

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Customize the paper bag 

Want to stick to using a paper bag instead of wrapping gifts? Try out these Santa boot bows. It won’t just turn your usual paper bag into something customized, but also add a cute, Christmassy feel to it! While red is the obvious colour to go with, you could also experiment with others.

christmas gift wrapping 5

Running short on time? Well, we also found you the gift wrapping hack used in Japan to wrap everything up in less than 2 minutes! No kidding.

Check it out here:

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