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Make A Travel Wish List: 10 Things You Definitely Need For Your Next Trek

January 24, 2018
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With 2018 having so many weekends to plan a trip over, it’s almost a given to tap into your adventurous side and go for a trek instead of the usual resorts. But trekking isn’t just about packing your essentials and moving out, it takes a whole lot of planning beforehand and we’re here to help you make a travel wish list of things you would need to buy from Amazon.

10 things you definitely need on your next trek

1. Sleeping bag

First things first, you couldn’t possibly be thinking about borrowing a sleeping bag or trying to find one at the last minute. Sleep’s important and that’s why this needs to be the first thing on your Geenees Amazon wish list. This bag here is lightweight, portable and waterproof, making it the perfect companion for your trek.

sleeping bag

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2. Waterproof backpack cover

When you’re out and about, the last thing you want are your essentials getting drenched in sudden rain. While most backpacks are waterproof, it is always a good idea to add an additional layer of safety over them. This waterproof backpack cover fits snugly around your bag, without adding any more weight to it.

waterproof backpack cover

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3. Hiking poles

Whether you’re trekking up a hill, a flat terrain or a downward slope, a hiking pole will ensure more stability. You’ll also be more comfortable, and wouldn’t strain your knees for the longest of distances. Choose a hiking pole that is lightweight, durable and adjustable in height.

hiking poles trek

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4. Trekking boots

If you were planning to go ahead for a trek in usual sport shoes, think again. You need something that gives you a better grip and are as durable as possible. Look for sturdy trekking boots that also keep your feet snug and comfortable. A good tip would be to look for something that you wouldn’t mind sleeping in, owing to the comfort they offer.

5. Flash lights

There are times when you need to cover a certain distance of the trail, in the dark. To avoid missing a step or hurting yourself in any way, carry at least two flashlights with you. A rechargeable flashlight is the most ideal if you’re going for a trek more than a week.

trek flashlight

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6. Multi functional compass

Even though you have mapped out your trail, it is a good idea to keep a compass in hand. One that helps you measure the distance as well, is more than ideal for long treks. You do want to know how much of the trail is still left, and prepare accordingly for the same.

make a travel wish list geenees compass

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7. Trekking tents

Important for longer trails, having a collapsible tent in your backpack is a must. Choose one that gives you enough leg room to stop midway for a few hours of relaxing, and is most definitely – waterproof. If you’re in a group, you could also explore bigger tents that accomodate more than one person.

make a travel wish list trek tent

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8. Power banks

There’s so much to capture when you’re trekking across a beautiful landscape. But what if your camera or your phone runs out of charge? To avoid the nightmare, we suggest you wish list at least two power banks on Geenees – these could be a life saviour!

make a travel wish list power bank

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9. Swiss Knife

Swiss knives are multi purpose and come handy during a trek. Be it to simply to cut the branches that might obstruct your way or to even prepare for something you need to cook, having one of them in your backpack is a smart move.

swiss knife make a travel wish list

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10. Fanny pouch

It’s practically impossible to open your backpack for every little thing you might need. Could be your hand sanitiser, sunblock, phone or more. A fanny pouch around your waist can do the trick – only for essentials though. You could choose a bigger waist pouch with more pockets if you want to keep more things easily accessible.

make a travel wish list - fanny pouch

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There are almost 101 things that you might need for a trek. So if you’re planning one this week, it’s a good idea to make a travel wish list on Geenees, with your friends – starting today. After all, a little planning now could go a long way!

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