Gift Ideas For Aquarians: Zodiac Gifts They Will Love

January 26, 2018
gift ideas for aquarians

It’s the month of the water bearer – Aquarius. While these highly intellectual, independent and absolutely unpredictable people in your group are planning out their birthday parties already, it’s time for you to find them the perfect gift before it’s too late! Here are some gift ideas for Aquarians that will match their zodiac traits for sure.

Gift ideas for Aquarians in your life

1. Bath salts

Everyone needs a little time off and the Aquarius appreciate their alone time a lot. Bath salts help de-stress and make for a really thoughtful gift. Relaxation for the mind and body, and a big smile on their face after – exactly what you’d want.

bath salts zodiac gifts for aquarians

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2. Travel mug

Most Aquarius love to travel and their unpredictability often leads to them packing up their bags, and going off on a quick trip. A smart travel mug is exactly what you are looking for here. A sassy quote on it, is of course an added bonus!

coffee mug zodiac gifts for aquarians

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3. Journal

Aquarians have trouble letting out their emotions. They often like to keep things to themselves and the bottling up of everything, leads to a few downtimes. So why not give them a cute journal that matches their personality and would compel them to jot it all down, every once in a while?

journals zodiac gifts for aquarians

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4. Constellation necklace

Want to gift something that the Aquarian in your life uses regularly? This constellation necklace is chic, stylish and personalized. You could get their birth date engraved on it too!

zodiac gifts for aquarians pendant

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5. Money savvy bank

Aquarians are smart with money. They value saving and spending at the same time. Giving them a cute piggy bank, is actually a good idea! They’ll thank you for it, always.

piggy bank zodiac gifts for aquarians

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6. Travel makeup pouch

This one is of course for the girlies! Because they love travelling, give them this smart little pouch to stash their makeup and all the essentials. Travel bags always come handy and we’re all about them. You could also think of gifting them a smart backpack!

makeup pouch zodiac gifts for aquarians

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7. Coffee table book

Aquarians enjoy a good story. Giving them a good coffee table book is a great idea! Our personal choice would be Brandon Staton’s Humans of New York. Great pictures and true stories, are sure to captivate them!

humans of new york zodiac gifts for aquarians

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8. Globe trotter scratch map

Their independent spirit makes them avid travellers! Help them plan out their next trip and at the same time, show it off a little with this giant scratch off map. It will make for a great wall piece too and add a little boho spirit to the home decor.

scratch map zodiac gifts for aquarians

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9. Photo display

Aquarians love capturing even the smallest of moments. But most of them often just remain on our cameras or our phones. So why not buy them a funky photo display to put out their best pictures? From a recent celebration or from a travel they just made!

photo holders zodiac gifts for aquarians

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10. Zodiac mug

Of course you saw this coming! Who doesn’t love a personalized mug for themselves? This sassy mug is sure to be loved by the Aquarian in your life. Every time they sip some tea, they are going to remember you for being so thoughtful.

aquarian mug zodiac gifts

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Btw, Happy Birthday Aquarians! 

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