Gift Ideas For Dogs: Pamper Your Doggo With These 10 Things From Amazon

February 1, 2018
gift ideas for dogs

Gone are the days when you could pamper your dog with just a new bowl or some snacks. There’s literally so much in the market that you can buy for your best friend today, that it almost feels like you’re shopping for yourself. If you’re even a little bit like us, then you spend at least every other weekend trying to look for something cute for your dog.

So we thought of making it a whole lot simple for you by finding 10 interesting products from Amazon that you absolutely need to wish list for your dog on Geenees.

10 things from Amazon to pamper your dog a little more

1. This denim jacket

Who says that denim jackets are just for you? How about buying your pooch a sassy hoodie too? Both of you could just go on this swag walk in the evening, while everyone eyes you two in awe. Don’t tell us that you haven’t seen such posts on social media!

dog jacket geenees

Buy it here

2. Fancy dog leash 

Oh come on, you couldn’t be using those age old chains to take your dog out. When their jacket looks so sassy, why should the dog leash be any less? We love the abstract print on this leash here. But you could go all out and find something that actually matches your dog’s personality.

dog leash

Buy it here

3. Toy gift bag

No matter how big your best friend is, they always enjoy a few toys around them. After all, whenever you step into your home, it is play time for them! So why not give them this cute toy gift bag. A toy for every week for being a good girl or a good boy.

dog toy gift bag

Buy it here

4. Ice cream mix 

We all have such mixed emotions about giving our dogs some ice cream to enjoy. What if they fall sick? What if the ingredients don’t suit them? Well, we found puppy scoops that are specially made for your best friend! What we love the most about this product, is that it comes in different flavours too.

dog ice cream

Buy it here

5. Pet safety collars 

We have all wished for everyone to become a careful driver. But let’s face it, that’s far from happening. So let’s instead take a step ahead and do our bit to keep our best friends safe during their walks at night. This LED pet collar is just what you need. There is absolutely no way that the light can be missed, keeping your dog safe and secure from vehicles.

safety collar

Buy it here

6. Signature dog cookies 

Move over biscuits and buy some dog cookies to pamper your best friend every once in a while. With absolutely no preservatives, these freshly baked cookies are an absolute treat.

dog cookies

Buy it here

7. Pet box 

Have you subscribed to a few boxes every month? For fashion, health and more? Well, there’s something called pet boxes too. These guys deliver a box to you for your dog every month, with lots of goodies in it – toys and treats that they will absolutely love!

pet box

Buy it here

8. Luxurious dog bed 

We know you’re probably saying we’re going absolutely overboard here. But come on, take a look at this plush bed here and tell us that they won’t enjoy napping in it, in cold winters or when you’re not home and all they do, is wait for you.

dog bed

Buy it here 

9. Tearless shampoos 

Most of our pets really don’t appreciate bath days. Let’s make it simpler for them with tearless shampoos instead. Pet Head is one brand that is perfect for puppies to even old dogs. They come in fresh and unique fragrances that your dog will absolutely love.

pet head shampoo

Buy it here 

10. Pet Cologne 

Talking of shampoo, how about a perfume too? For all those days when you can’t give your dog a bath but do want him to smell good. This pet perfume is made using natural ingredients and will do no harm to your dog’s coat. In fact, it will only better it by adding the essential nutrients on the top and protecting it from external factors like sunlight, dust and more.

pet perfume

Buy it here

We know that you and your family loves your dog as much as we love ours. So why not make a little wish list of items that your dog would love on Geenees?

This way everyone in the family could buy your pooch a little something when he’s being a good boy. After all, bribes aren’t just meant for little kids – puppies and dogs love them too! 🙂


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