Geenees Gifting: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him And Her

February 6, 2018
valentine's day gift ideas

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and if you’re still struggling to find the perfect gifts for your better half, we’re here for you. But hey, what if they just had a wish list you could pick out a gift for them from?

Oh no worries for now, we got you covered with some really sweet Valentine’s day gift ideas for him and her from Amazon.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him and Her 

1. Wine bottle labels 

Wine bottles are almost a given on Valentine’s day. You could pick of the fanciest of wine for your better half, but without personalization, it is just another wine bottle. These Valentine’s Day special wine bottle labels are surely something you should give a shot. Easy way to gift wrap it all!

wine bottle labels

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2. ‘What I love about you’ book 

Be it your wife, your girlfriend, your sister or even your mother, this little book gives you a lot of scope to say whatever you have been holding back. Let them know that you love them for the tiniest of things they do for you and that you can see the efforts they put in to keep the relationship strong.

what i love about you book valentines gift ideas geenees

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3. Love rings 

Of course, you saw this coming. Couple rings or love bands are definitely one of the most chosen gift ideas for many. You could go for something as personalized as getting your names engraved on the rings or something as subtle as this set to wear on a regular basis.

love bands

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4. Scented candles 

Setting the right mood is a big thing when you’re going on a date with a loved one. Well, even if you’re staying in, some scented candles with sweet messages on them are sure to set the mood right. Don’t let any chance slide by in making your special person feel great.

love candles valentines day gift ideas

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5. Picture collage 

One of the sweetest gifts that we always cherish is a picture collage. There are so many frames that you could choose from. Go for something really chic, boho or the usual classy. Take a pick based on who you’re giving it to. Get some of your best pictures and moments printed and surprise them with a collage that they would love to see every day.

picture frame

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6. Heart map print 

Move over the usual posters on Valentine’s day. We love how this framed print combines the love for travel and your affection for the person in one. What’s more, is that it makes for a great wall decor piece too!

heart map geenees

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7. Preserved eternity rose 

Your love’s going to last forever. Then why not the rose that you give each other? This preserved eternity rose is absolutely perfect and lasts almost up to three years.

eternity rose

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8. Love pillows 

We have always believed that the right cushions and cushion covers can make all the difference in any space. On Valentine’s day, bring home some cushion covers with love quotes for your special ones – could be your husband or your father or your family in general. When it is the season of love, why hold back?

love cushions valentines day gift ideas

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9. Bath bombs gift set 

Well, if your better half is someone who has been talking about this Instagram trend of gorgeous bath bombs, this one is for you. This gift set consists of different coloured bath bombs that are sure to give them some variety. They come with different scents as well!

bath bomb set valentine's gift ideas

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10. Photo puzzle 

Want to personalize your Valentine’s day gift even further? Opt for a customizable photo puzzle instead of all the other gift ideas we gave you. It would actually make for a great couple activity too if you’re planning to stay in and have a quiet date.

There are just so many things that you can give to your loved ones. But finding the perfect gift often is a difficult task. Now what if you could see what your loved ones are wishing for, from Amazon?

That’s what Geenees lets you do. Take a look at what your friends and family are saving from Amazon, choose a gift that you’d like to give them and grant a wish to make their day the most special!

valentine's day gift ideas
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